Conferences and meetings

Would you like your next conference to be held at Hotel Pejsegården?

Hotel Pejsegården is the ideal place to hold courses and conferences. With its central location in Jutland between Horsens and Silkeborg, it is easy to get to

The hotel is more than 5500 square meters and has many exciting conference rooms. In fact, you have the possibility of being only 2 and 800 people in the same room.

We have hosted conferences and meetings for many companies over the years and everyone with unique requirements and wishes for their stay. We can offer to function as a conference center or you can use our premises as showrooms, hold meetings or courses and conferences of any kind and much more.

We are the right place for customers, employees and colleagues

We do not only put your business in focus, but also your employees, customers and colleagues. Therefore, we also offer different meeting packages - but all with the same service and treatment, we are known for. In other words, we are the partner, if you are looking for the best possible place for conferences and meetings!

Konference folder

Course facilities


Flip over

Sound system

WIFI 50/50 m.bit or LAN connection


PC for recording the conference.

Microphones including fixed, handheld and headset.

Microphone kits (6 pcs.)

Technical assistance (also your own equipment)

We have canvas from 2x2 meters to 5x6 meters.

We can record the conference both digital and analogue

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